Southerland Gardner Plush Mattress


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  • Quilt Layer:  ThermoBalance* quilted cover
  • Comfort and Support Layers:  1 1/2 "HD Comfort Foam, Gel infused Memory foam added to the lumbar regions
  • Support Core:  1" HD Loft Pad, 8" PowerEdge* Elite perimeter edge reinforced wrapped coils, 2 1/4" HD loft pad.


  • Premium ThermoBlance* cover combines cooling yarns with Tencel" for a cool to the touch sleep surface, improved moisture wicking and natural hygiene.
  • A layer of premium foam engineered in the lumbar region to provide added support and comfort.
  • The PowerEdge* wrapped coils provide the same reduced motion transfer as traditional wrapped coils, but are preloaded on the edge to provide enhanced edge support.
  • Comfort and support foams are crushed to minimize the initial softening and lock in the comfort, to feel like new longer.
  • Specifically designed to articulate on adjustable beds to customize your sleep experience.