Telluride Hybrid Plush Mattress by Therapedic


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Superior Foam-Encased Wrapped Coils

  • Most durable Stable Edge Support
  • Exceptional, conforming body support

Coil-on-Coil Technology

  • Contouring support
  • Dynamic comfort
  • Breathable, superior pressure relief


  • Secures materials together
  • Increases stability
  • Reduces body impressions

Cooling Performance Fabric

  • Cool-to-touch for luxurious comfort
  • High-performance stretch knit fabric
  • Soft and breathable

High-Performance Foams

  • Specialty foams including latex for superior contouring support
  • Dynamic comfort
  • Breathable, superior pressure relief

Therability Foundation

  • The most durable, stable base
  • Three times the amount of wood beams for greater support

2” Copper Memory Foam

Provides luxurious, pressure-relieving support


2” HyPURGel Plush Foam

Provides optimal temperature control and
invigorating supportive comfort


Provides a unique, responsive feel and durable sleep surface


1” Natural Firm Latex

Provides exceptional cushioning, pressure-relieving, temperature-regulating comfort and support


Foam Encased Wrapped Coil Unit

A high concentration of tightly spun, firm individually encased coils provides exceptional conforming support and a greater sleep surface with stable, durable edge


Balanced Base Foam

Provides durability


Coil Counts


T:1125, F:1575, Q:1872, K:2400